You'll Love Your Apartment Bathroom Remodel As Much As Your Remodeling Experience

Is it time to upgrade your property’s appeal with modern bathroom fixtures and finishes?


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Choose Elevation Construction to Upgrade Your Properties’ Appeal!

Count on The Elevation Construction Team for the bathroom fixtures and furnishings your property needs to catch the eyes of prospective renters. Whether you are remodeling a single apartment bathroom or upgrading the bathrooms of a multifamily apartment, we're here to make your apartment bathroom remodel or makeover as exceptional as your experience.

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Best Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Outdated bathrooms can leave a home on the sale or rental market for too long, costing you money. In addition, outdated fixtures, tile, caulking, and flooring could create opportunities for leaks, mold, and mildew. Avoid these issues and create a bathroom you love with a remodel!

Outdated Fixtures

That 20-year-old faucet might still deliver water to the bathroom sink, but it could be hiding leaks—and it certainly won't appeal to new buyers or tenants. Instead, refresh the look of your bathroom with new tub, sink, and lighting fixtures.

Worn Tile and Grout

Homeowners and investors put off significant bathroom renovations because they can be costly and a lot of work. However, letting cracked grout and caulking, and worn tiles stay in place puts a home at risk for mold and mildew growth.

Repaint or Replace Cabinets and Hardware

Depending on the age of your bathroom cabinets, repainting or replacing them also makes a good impression. With new-look cabinets, updated hardware completes the picture!

A New Floorplan

You're not stuck with a tiny bathroom or inconvenient layout that no longer works for your needs. Our experts can design a bathroom layout that fits your lifestyle now!

Update Tubs, Showers, and Toilets

Aging tubs, showers, and toilets could be increasing your utility costs! They also probably don't meet the styles new tenants or buyers look for in a home. Replacing the tub, shower head, and toilet reduces water usage and improves the look of the bathroom.