When it's time to refresh the exterior features of an apartment or multifamily property, we have the exterior remodeling experience you need!

Whether a single apartment or your multifamily investment property needs an exterior update or a curb appeal refresh will help you catch the eyes of prospective renters.

Is it time to upgrade your property’s appeal with an exterior renovation?

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Choose Elevation Construction to Upgrade Your Investment Properties’ Appeal!

The exterior of your apartment or multifamily investment property can be one of the best ways to "wow" potential tenants, or simply create an environment they love to come home to every day. Choosing Elevation Construction means you get a team of experts to recommend the best updates to your property's exterior, then deliver those upgrades on time and within budget. Elevation Construction is the hardworking, honest, and trustworthy team you need to improve the exterior elements of your investment property!

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Common Reasons to Improve Curb Appeal

It's not only about how your property looks to passersby! Outdated home exteriors can also lead to structural issues and lower property values. If it's time to invest in home improvements, updated exterior features are some of the best investments to make.

Peeling Paint

When was the last time you painted the exterior of the home? Peeling paint not only makes a house unappealing, but it also leaves your exterior walls unprotected from water damage, mold, mildew, and pests.

Outdated Paint Colors

What was "on trend" a decade (or two) ago probably isn't the same style that sells well now. Even if your paint isn't peeling, refreshing the exterior with updated paint colors can make it look like a new home!

Damaged Siding

Like peeling paint, damaged siding leaves your home vulnerable to the elements. Left unattended, a homeowner or investor risks dealing with water damage, pest infestations, and other costly issues.

Exterior Door Replacements

Sometimes something simple makes a big impression! A new front door (or repainting or restaining an existing door) protects it while giving your entry a fresh look.

Replacing or Resealing Windows

Outdated windows and seals make your home drafty. When air and water can get in, you deal with higher utility bills, pests, and water damage. Resealing or replacing windows helps protect your home while improving its appearance.

Driveways, Walkways, and Parking Lots

Cracked pavement is unsightly and dangerous! From repairs to replacements, a new driveway, walkway, or parking lot surface improves curb appeal and property values.

Landscaping Updates

An unkempt lawn and out-of-control landscaping can date your home and make it look rundown. Refresh the front of a property with new borders and plants that make sense for the home.