3 Things That Happen When You Wait to Replace Your Roof

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November 08 2022 | By Elevation Construction

When it comes to replacing your roof, time is essential. Installing a new roof is not a project that should be delayed because of the many adverse consequences. It is very common for people to neglect their roofs for a long time to save money, but here are the reasons why you should not wait any longer to replace your roof.

1. Mold 
When you avoid doing necessary repairs to the roof and unfortunately it has a  hole, water could enter your home remember once a leak starts, it won't get smaller,  it'll get bigger and bigger allowing in more and more water... If left unattended, mold can invade your home and cause structural problems like deterioration or wood rot.

Did you know that mold can start growing in the right conditions in as little as 24 hours?

2. Decrease in property value
When your roof is falling apart and you decide not to replace it, the value of your property will decrease. These problems will make your home unattractive to buyers so you will have to spend more to fix or replace a roof that you have been waiting to fix. As the problem worsens over time, the value of your home will also decrease.

3. Elimination of rodents and animals
In general, older roofs are much more likely to invite mice, rats, bats, bugs, and other unwelcome guests to your house, and remember once inside your house, vermin often spread throughout the house and it will be a headache trying to exterminate them plus it will be more expensive to deal with a rodent or other vermin infestation, cleaning your attic and replacing parts of the house they damaged than fixing your roof in the first place.

Even if a roof opening isn't that obvious if you see your roof change shape or size during a few rain showers, there's a chance there's an active leak.

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Skeletal remains of peaked roof on house hit by tornado