3 Things to Consider for Apartment Complex Security

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November 22 2022 | By Elevation Construction

Having spent over 20 years in the military and 10 years as a police officer in two major cities, I’ve grown a passion for security.  When I walk an apartment complex, I look for areas to enhance security, which also enhances the tenants sense of security.

Here are three things to consider for apartment complex security.

  1. Be sure there is lighting all around the complex.  Small lights next to each door just is not enough.  The parking lot should be lit up at night so that people walking to their car can see what is out there.  The front, sides, and back of the buildings should have plenty of light as well.  Lastly, any hallway, common area, or passageway should have lighting.  In my experience as a police officer, I know that areas with proper lighting are less likely to be messed with.  People looking to do bad things are afraid of the light.  They always look for dark places.
  2. Install fencing and gates around the complex.  If it is financially reasonable, installing a gate with a code to get in for tenants is a very good security measure.  Have a strong fence around the perimeter of the property and any courtyard area with locking gates adds another layer of security to the property.  This also makes tenants feel more secure in the apartment environment.
  3. Install security cameras.  We love security cameras!  Adding cameras with enough surveillance signage is a very effective tool to enhance security.  Not only do they help you identify the tenant leaving their old couch by the dumpster, but it will help deter criminals.  We’ve been able to help local police with camera footage identify a car thief in one of our complexes.  The amount of crime the cameras have deterred is immeasurable.

Having a strong sense of security at your apartment complex will help attract the type of tenants you want living in your apartment community.  When prospective tenants look at a unit, they look for places where they will feel safe.  If your complex does not provide that, you won’t attract the type of tenant who wants to live away from crime.


Here is a video of a recent walkthrough I did at an apartment complex in Houston, Texas.