5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

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October 20 2022 | By Elevation Construction

The kitchen is the heart of a home so if you are planning on doing a home renovation start with the room where you spend most of your time! . An updated kitchen is high on everyone's list. When you enter to a house, the first thing that will attract their attention is the kitchen, so we must make sure that it looks comfortable, clean, and fresh. So here are 5 things that you should ask yourself before making a kitchen remodel:

1-. Are you loving or listing?
Unless a homeowner is about to put their home on the market in the next 12 to 24 months, any kitchen renovation project should take their personal lifestyle into account.

And if you are going to put it up for sale, keep in mind what is general and essential in your kitchen and not so much in the details and in putting your personal brand in your kitchen.

2-.Do you really need top-of-the-line appliances?
Although it is always advisable to invest in quality appliances, evaluate all your needs and try to adapt your appliances to your lifestyle, that way you can choose appliances that adapt to your needs that are cheaper and of quality, that way you could save a few bucks and use it for other renovations
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3-.Is Your New Kitchen Functional?
The main goal of a kitchen renovation is to make the room more functional for you. This may mean additional storage, more counter space, better appliances, or more eating space.
Regardless of the goal, the end result should always be that your kitchen is more practical than the last. You can easily achieve this with custom kitchens where everything is made to fit the space and your needs.

4-.What is your ultimate goal?
What is the ultimate goal that you would like to achieve with your kitchen remodel? Do you want to expand the area and add additional storage, or is your main goal to update and modernize the existing space? The ideal scenario may be building and tearing down some walls to create a larger kitchen or maybe something simpler like giving your walls and cabinets a coat of paint. At Elevation Construction Team we can suggest ideas for reconfiguring the design and help determine the best plan for your space. Before starting any design or architectural plan, it is important to share your vision and needs with us so that we can build the kitchen of your dreams!

5-. What is your budget?
Have you considered how much you are willing to spend on this renovation? If you're upgrading your kitchen from top to bottom, remember that it can be one of the most expensive rooms to update. Because a complete renovation can include: replacing all cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring, as well as updating plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning.

So before starting your project you must tell us what your budget is and your vision for this renovation so that we can give you a clear idea of how much the total cost will be. Also consider having a contingency budget for any unforeseen events that may be hiding behind walls or under floors, especially if you have an old home.

Kitchen renovations can be a headache for homeowners, so ask yourself these questions to see if you're financially and mentally prepared.

At Elevation Construction we care about all those things! We can help you have the kitchen of your dreams without so much headache, just call us and let us Elevate your kitchen for you!

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