Common home improvement myths

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November 19 2022 | By Elevation Construction

A home can often suffer more damage when an inexperienced renovator tries to do something.

You can do it all yourself

Being able to tackle DIY tasks requires the right tools to do the job. While many of us choose to take on our own DIY projects (such as wall paneling), some tasks could have expensive consequences if done incorrectly.

You might save a pretty penny doing it yourself, but a failed design could end up costing you more (and leave you frustrated).

Bigger renovations

Bigger renovations are not always better, as spending more money doesn't guarantee greater value in return. Many spend their lives dreaming of sprawling kitchen refurbs and stylish bathroom makeovers, but in some cases, it's unlikely a homeowner will earn back more than the cost of construction.

It's best to invest in upgrades that will make your home more comfortable while you're living there, rather than just trying to increase its value.

Paint can cover up anything

Preparing interior walls before painting is essential to ensure a blemish-free finish. Before you begin, fix any ugly holes, blemishes, cracks, or chips so your paint has a smooth foundation it can adhere to. While you may be able to fix some flaws yourself using a sander and multi-purpose Polyfilla, calling on the professionals is worth considering.

Repairing something is cheaper than replacing it

Things often get broken or worn down at home, but that doesn't mean you have to immediately replace them. If something breaks, consider whether the repair will fix the whole problem. However, if repairing it won't address the underlying issue, then it could be worth buying new to avoid costs racking up. 

Remodeling happens quickly

In general, it will typically take several months to complete an extensive remodel of the whole house, if all goes well. Larger houses may take around nine to 15 months, plus more with additional delays. A good contractor can do the work quicker and more efficiently than you can do it yourself, so it's best not to try anything you may struggle to complete.

Good planning can outwit surprise

Renovations have a way of exposing unanticipated problems in your house. No matter how much you plan, it is sometimes only after the contractor begins work will they find the undetected leak, pests, and handyman fixes. Whilst you should plan your renovation and stick to those plans, you should avoid going way above your budget.