How to prevent wood rot on the siding of your home

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February 01 2022 | By Elevation Construction

What are some common causes of wood rot on siding and how can you prevent them? We are going to take a look at how your roof and vegetation could be causing wood rot on your home.


Wood rot can occur on the outside your home

Today we are looking at a shed we restored that had a lot of wood rot on the sides. The shed did not have an overhang on the sides, and this allowed water to run down the sides and puddle at the base. The result of having water running down the side with every rain was significant rot.

We replaced the sides of the shed and added an overhang and flashing. The shingles overhang the flashing by a couple of inches to help keep water running away from the shed. These simple adjustments will allows the sides of the shed to stay dryer and last longer.

Vegetation could be contributing to wood rot

Adding 18 inches of river rock can help keep vegetation from growing right next to the wood on your home

If you have trees, bushes, or grass that touches the siding of your home, remove it or move it so there is plenty of space between it and your home. We like to put river rock about 18 inches from the wall so that vegetation isn’t right up alongside the home.

When shrubs are planted too close to the house, there is little room for air to pass between the plant and the side of the house. This can cause wood rot when the siding can’t dry out. To avoid having to replace wood or siding, keep 12-18 inches of space between the home and any plantings. If you have trees touching your home or roof, get them trimmed back.

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