Is a Bathroom Remodel a Good Investment?

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October 11 2022 | By Elevation Construction


This is a common question homeowners ask themselves, especially if they plan on selling their homes in the near future.  Why should we remodel when we’ll be selling our house?  Let me take a moment to explain why a bathroom remodels is a very good investment, even if you’re looking to sell your house.

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Bathroom remodels are very common, and they could be very expensive (see my article on renovation costs for an explanation).  So, if you spend about $25,000 on a bathroom remodel, you’ll be asking yourself, “Will I get my money back?”  This is a great question.  So let’s look at the data. 

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In a recent study conducted by House Method, more and more people are remodeling their bathrooms.  Many of those who remodeled their bathrooms, reported that the final product did increase the value of their home.  In fact, the national average cost of a bathroom renovation is $26,574 and, as of 2022, homeowners can expect a 60% return on their investment.  Imagine if you remodeled all of your bathrooms AND your kitchen!!


The study covers those homeowners who did a complete remodel on their bathroom, not a partial renovation.  Mixing modern fixtures with old finishes doesn’t look good in a buyer’s eye (check out our article about common mistakes when renovating your bathroom).  In fact, it could make potential buyers feel that the work was half done and could make them wonder if there are other things in the house that are half done.  If the potential buyer sees a complete remodel that was done with attention to detail, it will give the potential buyer confidence that the homeowner (you) took good care of the house.