Prepare Your Home For Winter! ❄️

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November 24 2022 | By Elevation Construction

Preparing for winter is always important it may not seem necessary but is always good to be ready for this season of the year! Winter can seem like a mild season, with snow falling and cooler temperatures encouraging you to snuggle up with a hot drink. But the winter months, including cold weather and winter storms, can be fierce and damage your home if you're not prepared. But starting now will help ensure your home is in good condition for winter. 

If your area experiences harsh winters, create a plan to prepare your home and property now so that when the first surprise frost hits, you can have peace of mind. These steps can help lessen damage to your home during winter storms and may even help you avoid damage altogether.

1.  Pipes

Any exposed pipe running the length of a wall or in an unheated area (a basement or basement, for example) is a potential hazard. The water inside can freeze and cause the pipe to burst when the temperatures drop, read this article about "6 ways to keep your pipes from freezing during winter" and watch this video from our CEO about the topic! 

2. Gutters

If you don't clean the gutters, your house could be at risk this winter season! If the gutters are clogged with leaves or debris, water can back up against the house and damage the roof, siding and wood trim, as well as cause leaks and ice dams. So make sure the water has somewhere to go when it melts so it stays away from your house.

3. Tree branches

Scan your property for branches growing over the house, garage, driveway, or power lines. During a storm, these could fall over and cause extensive damage. Winter snow can be heavy and if you experience an ice storm, even healthy tree branches are likely to break from the weight.

Cutting branches that are sticking out of your house could help you avoid roof damage if a branch breaks. Ice-covered branches are heavy and can damage roofs and can even fall over and create internal damage, which is why it is important to check not only healthy branches but also dead ones to avoid an accident.

Winter is always fun but more fun is taking the time to winterize your home and perform basic home maintenance! could help you reduce the amount of damage your home sustains from winter storms. That way you can enjoy these festive dates without any inconvenience!


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