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January 12 2023   |   Elevation Construction

Discover Home Repair Services Near You in Seattle - With a Handyman!

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December 13 2022   |   Elevation Construction

How to Prioritize Home Renovations

With the headache that selling your home can bring and the increase in rates, more homeowners are...

December 09 2022   |   Elevation Construction

Why do we need more eco-friendly homes?

What is an “eco” home? It’s an environmentally-friendly home that’s designed to have as little...

December 06 2022   |   Elevation Construction

What Can Cause Your Renovation To Go Over Budget

Any good contractor is going to work their best to stick close to the estimate they provided you...

December 01 2022   |   Elevation Construction

Key Differences Between Residential and Commercial Construction

Construction encompasses a wide range of activities, including both residential and commercial...

November 24 2022   |   Elevation Construction

Prepare Your Home For Winter! ❄️

Preparing for winter is always important it may not seem necessary but is always good to be ready...

November 22 2022   |   Elevation Construction

3 Things to Consider for Apartment Complex Security

Having spent over 20 years in the military and 10 years as a police officer in two major cities,...

November 19 2022   |   Elevation Construction

Common home improvement myths

A home can often suffer more damage when an inexperienced renovator tries to do something.

November 17 2022   |   Elevation Construction

How to create the ideal, functional home office

Now more than ever, working or studying from home has become very essential and even almost...

November 15 2022   |   Elevation Construction

3 tips to help you know where start with renovations

Whether you’re an investor who bought a value add property or a homeowner who decided to buy a...