Why You Should Do a Sewer Scope?

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September 27 2022 | By Elevation Construction

When people think of renovations and repairs, they think of a new bathroom, a new kitchen, updated flooring, and maybe even a new roof.  But, did you consider your sewer line?

Replacing or repairing your sewer line is not a popular project.  It’s money you have to spend but you don’t get to see it every day as you live in your home.  But, it’s a necessary item that needs to be addressed if there are any issues.

Whether you are a homeowner or an investor, checking the sewer line during escrow is a must.  You don’t know what you are getting into unless you get it checked through a sewer scope.  Most plumbers are able to put a camera down the sewer line to see if there are any cracks, bellies (bending in the pipe that causes pooling water), or any other damages.

Here are a few photos from a recent sewer scope we had our plumber do, which helped us identify issues in the line:


The best time to conduct a sewer scope is during escrow.  Finding these problems out before you officially buy it helps you get a better picture of what the condition of the property or home is.  If the scope finds issues with the sewer line, get a reputable contractor to give you an estimate on the cost of the replacement or repair.  It is possible you could use this information to get a credit at closing (these are issues you must discuss with your real estate agent).

Yes, replacing the sewer line isn’t a project one would want to spend money on.  However, ensuring there is a problem-free sewer line will give you the confidence that any waste is draining to where it is supposed to go, and not leaking onto your property over and over again!

Here is a quick video of a sewer line job we did recently in Houston: