Whether your home suffered damage from fire, flooding, or another type of disaster, let us help you restore your ideal environment.


Why Should You Consider Professional Home Restoration Services?

Damage from a fire, flooding, storms, or other disasters can ruin the vision you had for your home. However, our team of caring experts can restore your home to the condition you loved before or help you enjoy a new vision for it!

Best Reasons to Trust Our Experts

Losing significant aspects of your home to unexpected disasters can be devasting for homeowners and investors. Trying to rebuild on your own can take time, and finding the contractors you need to do the job right can be challenging. However, you can trust our team to handle your home with care and deliver a quality restoration to get you back into the house and living comfortably again soon.

Fire Damage

Mitigating fire damage requires the right expertise to remove damaged pieces, clean, and repair appropriately so that your home is structurally sound and safe for you and your family again.

Water Damage

Whether a storm damaged the house or a burst pipe created a significant flooding event, water damage requires expert care to remove affected materials, dry, and repair the property. One missed step and your home is at risk for future mold, mildew, and pest issues.

Other Disasters

Homeowners and investors can't predict when an act of nature (or human actions) might damage a property significantly. Whether a heavy tree limb falls on the roof or the neighbor backs their car into your front entryway, trusting repair and restoration work to low-cost and inexperienced providers can leave you with an unsafe home for you, new buyers, or potential renters.

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Choose Elevation Construction to Restore Your Home!

Your dream home can turn into a nightmare after disaster strikes. However, there's no need to give up on your dream!

Instead of considering your home a loss or hiring contractors who aren't focused on re-creating your ideal home environment, let our team help! Choosing Elevation Construction means you get a team of experts to recommend the best solutions to bring your home back to life. Elevation Construction is the hardworking, honest, and trustworthy team you need to restore your home!

Trusted Home Restoration Services

No matter the type of disaster that damaged your home or investment property, click to request a free quote for our restoration services.

Why Choose Elevation Construction

When it's time for repairs or property upgrades, our team is the best choice for ideal home environments!

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We're Investor-Friendly

Maintaining investment properties in excellent condition is critical for your success! Let our experts take care of your investments.

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We're Focused On You

We take time to listen to what you want for your home environment, then provide the best solutions to make that happen.

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We Honor Commitments

After signing a contract for your project, we stick to every task and deadline.

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Elevation Construction LLC was created in January 2018 by real estate investor Kekoa Lwin. Kekoa has been buying and selling real estate for almost 20 years. He has operated as an owner-contractor on more than 200 of his home remodeling, buy-and-hold projects, as well as multi-family properties.
Co-owner and real estate investor Christopher Tighe is a retired Naval Officer and a former police officer.  He has an extensive background in construction project management and facilities management.  
In 2020, Christopher Tighe joined his long-time friend, Kekoa, to help expand Elevation’s services.  They both saw a need for a reliable, trustworthy, and hard-working General Contractor. Today, as a licensed and bonded general construction company, Elevation Construction serves investors in the rehabilitation of their multi-family property acquisitions and homeowners who want to turn their homes into the house of their dreams.
Elevation Construction operates in Western Washington State, Dallas, Fort Worth and  Houston, Texas market.
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