How do we make sure we deliver the services you need to meet your expectations?
We follow these steps

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Get to Know Each Other

Schedule an On-Site Meeting

Gather Data

Provide an Estimate

Begin the Project

We listen

We start by listening to the vision of your project through an initial conversation. It's important to us that we hear you (and you know that we hear you)!

We talk through options

With a thorough understanding of what you need for your home or investment property, we can deliver better initial recommendations to accomplish your goals.

We agree

While details can change before signing a contract for the project, we make sure you agree with our initial recommendations and approach, so we are all on the same page early in the process.


We plan and estimate

With a good initial idea of your project, we schedule the appropriate project coordinator and estimator to meet you on-site.

We confirm the details

With our experts on-site, we can gather measurements and nail down details to build an estimate for your project.


We coordinate with contractors

With a more complete picture of the project scope and your vision, we reach out to our network of trusted contractors to start the pricing process.

We gather pricing

We also gather pricing information for materials and parts required to deliver your completed project on time

We compile an estimate

Using our resources and connections, we compile a project estimate, then set a time to review it with you.


We deliver a project estimate

We don't just email a worksheet to you. We deliver an estimate and review the pricing and details with you before finalizing a contract.

We target an approximate start date

Depending on your goals and the availability of materials, parts, and labor, we outline an approximate start date.


Sign the contract

At the agreement of the project budget, specifications, and timeline, we sign a contract to begin the work. We also deliver an estimated completion date.

Begin the work

We stay focused on your project to complete every task, honor the budget, and finish on schedule.

Our Approach
Our Approach

Our Approach

Meeting your expectations requires the right approach. However, one-approach-fits-all rarely gets the job done right. We structure our approach to each project based on client input, the resources and people we need, and your budget.

At the start of every new project, we know that we can't do what we do for our clients without collaboration, the right team, and the best experience in the industry. So when you choose Elevation Construction, you get a partner focused on listening to your vision, bringing together the best design experts and contractors in the area, and ensuring you're happy with the home environment we produce for you.



"Cutting-edge" isn't a term we use lightly! We can't deliver the best home environments for homeowners and investors without staying ahead of the curve with the latest technology to design and execute large-scale or small-scale property improvement projects. Applying virtual reality helps us visualize projects every step of the way to anticipate potential problems and find solutions to avoid additional costs.

Plus, using mobile devices and the right systems and dashboards help us communicate quickly and clearly with contractors and clients. As a result, our application of technology ultimately saves time and money on your project!



Home renovations can be dangerous without prioritizing safety. From the job site to the contractors we work with and every safety protocol and training opportunity, we don't put anyone or any project at risk of dangerous outcomes. We also make sure our clients stay safe when visiting projects in progress or while living in a home while construction takes place in another area of the property. Our employees, contractors, and clients can count on clean worksites and enforced safety measures from start to finish.

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Elevation Construction LLC was created in January 2018 by real estate investor Kekoa Lwin. Kekoa has been buying and selling real estate for almost 20 years. He has operated as an owner-contractor on more than 200 of his home remodeling, buy-and-hold projects, as well as multi-family properties.
Co-owner and real estate investor Christopher Tighe is a retired Naval Officer and a former police officer.  He has an extensive background in construction project management and facilities management.  
In 2020, Christopher Tighe joined his long-time friend, Kekoa, to help expand Elevation’s services.  They both saw a need for a reliable, trustworthy, and hard-working General Contractor. Today, as a licensed and bonded general construction company, Elevation Construction serves investors in the rehabilitation of their multi-family property acquisitions and homeowners who want to turn their homes into the house of their dreams.
Elevation Construction operates in Western Washington State, Dallas, Fort Worth and  Houston, Texas market.
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