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Caffeinated Contractor

The Podcast That Brews Up Construction Insights

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Episode 2: Jodi Peterman

In this episode, we drink a cup of coffee with Jodi Peterman, we dive into the world of home design and the importance of working with a skilled designer. Join us as we interview Jody Peterman from Elizabeth Erin Designs, a renowned design firm. Jody shares valuable insights on embracing change, creating a strong company culture, and delivering an exceptional client experience. Watch the podcast and discover how to protect your budget, collaborate effectively with a designer, and ask the right questions when hiring professionals for your project.

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Episode 1: David Sampaio

In this episode, we drink a cup of coffee with David Sampaio, owner of SumZero, a trusted contractor, to talk about all things air conditioning. From the differences between central AC units and ductless split units to the importance of insulation and maintenance, David shares his expert advice on keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summer months. Tune in for valuable insights and tips, and find out where to go to learn more about Sum Zero's services!

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Caffeinated Contractor: Introduction

Welcome to the first episode of "Caffeinated Contractor," the podcast where we talk all things construction over a hot cup of coffee. In this episode, your host Chris Tighe, CEO of a construction company in Washington, Texas, and Nevada, introduces the podcast and shares what you can expect from future episodes. 

So grab a cup of coffee and join us for "Caffeinated Contractor" Get ready to be inspired and informed about the world of construction!

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