How to Prioritize a Home Remodel

With the headache that selling your home can bring and the increase in rates, more homeowners are investing in home remodel projects rather than selling and buying new ones. This is a great option! However, we know that renovating your home can be a bit overwhelming and that you must be procrastinating in the idea of a whole home remodel.  It is understandable since it can be quite an investment and you want to make sure you are happy with your finished product.  But in the end, you will see it was worth it! Renovating your home means you have a ton of possibilities on how to make your home feel like yours and put your footprint on it! So here are some ideas to think about when planning out your next home renovation:

What do you consider to be the most important space in your home or where does your family spend most of their time?  For families like mine, the kitchen is the heart of the home.  This is where we spend most of our time.  We’re either all hungry and looking for food, having a deep conversation about our day while cooking dinner, or just sitting around having a meal together.  For some families, it might be a family or living room.  A place where they spend time together watching movies or the ball game.  Creating a cozy environment in this area will help elevate the feeling of your home.  Whatever that place is for your family, this would be the first place I would start.  But if you start somewhere other than the kitchen, the kitchen should be next, read our article about ” 5 things you should ask yourself before remodeling your kitchen”.

What other areas do you want to create a new environment?  Assuming the kitchen was where you started, the next area I would tackle would be the bathrooms. Bathrooms are a frequently used area that we don’t normally hard look at it. But it is an important room in your home and essential to your family’s health and happiness.  Adding in new lighting, paint colors, new tile, and cabinets in the bathroom will create a nice and fresh environment for your family and your guests.

Hallways and connected rooms.  I’ve been in some houses where the owners spent a lot of money on the kitchen and bathroom, but everything else was left undone. The flooring didn’t match and the old paint in the hallway didn’t match the new color scheme in the kitchen or bathrooms.  It looked like two different houses.  It doesn’t take much to create a fresh look in the hallways and connected rooms.  A fresh coat of paint that matches the kitchen and bathrooms, new or additional lighting, and new flooring (I suggest LVP flooring in the hallways with carpet in the bedrooms) will make a HUGE difference in these spaces. Remember that small details always make the difference!

These are just a few ideas to think about when deciding how to prioritize your home renovation. If you’re looking to stay in your home for a few more years, you can’t go wrong starting in the areas where you spend most of your time so go ahead and start your home remodel! If you are interested in renovating your home contact us, we can make your dream home come true!

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