Maximizing Space: Small Kitchen Renovations by Elevation Construction

In today’s homes, where space is often at a premium, making the most of every square inch is essential. At Elevation Construction, based outside of Houston in Cypress, Texas, we specialize in renovating small kitchens into functional and stylish spaces that meet the needs of modern living. Here are some expert tips for maximizing space in your small kitchen:

1. Build an Island with Dining Space:
Create a multifunctional centerpiece in your kitchen by adding an island that serves as both extra storage and a dining area. Our kitchen remodel contractors can custom-build an island tailored to your kitchen’s dimensions and design aesthetic. Incorporating a 10″ overhang on one side of the island provides space for bar stools, allowing family and guests to gather and dine comfortably.

2. Opt for a Microhood:
Save valuable counter space by choosing a microhood, which combines a microwave with a ventilation hood. This space-saving solution eliminates the need for a separate countertop microwave, freeing up valuable workspace for meal prep and cooking. Our team of kitchen renovation contractors can seamlessly integrate a microhood into your kitchen design, ensuring both functionality and style.

3. Utilize Vertical Space with Additional Cabinets:
Maximize storage capacity by adding another layer of cabinets above your upper cabinets. This additional storage space is perfect for storing seasonal items, small appliances, or cookware that you don’t use on a daily basis. Our expert kitchen contractors at Elevation Construction will custom-design and install these cabinets to seamlessly blend with your existing kitchen cabinetry, creating a cohesive and clutter-free look.

In conclusion, with strategic planning and expert design solutions, even the smallest kitchen can be renovated into a highly functional and stylish space. At Elevation Construction, we pride ourselves on our ability to maximize space while maintaining a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can renovate your small kitchen to new heights of efficiency and style.

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